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Master Your Residency Interview Skills

Learn the secrets of the residency interview and discover the surefire way to answer even the most difficult questions.

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Face your interviewers with confidence and showcase your unrivaled knowledge and skills.

Prepare for your residency interview

Learn everything you need to know about residency interviews including interview etiquette, best practices, and common mistakes.

Understand Interview Questions

At your next interview, make an unforgettable first impression. Answer tricky behavioral interview questions like a pro.

Overcome Common Challenges

Get playbooks on common residency interview challenges including not previously matching, addressing gaps in your career trajectory, and being an international medical graduate.

Get a Sneak Peek Into Our Masterclass

The Residency Interview Masterclass will guide you toward successfully passing your interviews. Learn what’s expected of you, discover how to detect and improve on your red flags, master using proper body language, and accurately answer all interview questions.

chapter 1

Introduction to Residency Interviews

Getting Started
Residency Interview Essentials
Residency Interview Best Practices
4 Residency Interview Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
chapter 2

Answering Common Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions
How to Answer ‘Tell Me About Yourself’
How to Answer “Why This Specialty?”
How to Answer “Why This Program?”
How to Talk About Your Weaknesses
How to Talk About Your Strengths
chapter 3

Answering Behavioral Interview Questions

What are Behavioral Questions
Common Behavioral Questions
How to Answer Behavioral Questions
Personality Questions You Should Prepare For
Nonverbal Communication
Questions to Ask at the End of Your Residency Interview
chapter 4

Answering Behavioral Interview Questions

How to Address Any Gaps
Preparing for Interview as IMG
Overcoming Common IMG Challenges
Answering Common IMG Questions
How to Address Previous Matching Failure

Covering all major specializations

Internal Medicine
Orthopedic Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Thoracic Surgery
Neurological Surgery
Emergency Medicine
Radiation – Oncology
Vascular Surgery
Family Medicine
General Surgery
Physical Medicine

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