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Cutting-Edge AI Feedback Tool

Our progressive instant AI feedback residency interview practice tool will catch body language, eye contact, and verbal tics that could cost you a residency match.

Enhance Your Interview Practice With AI Feedback

Many interviewers will evaluate you on body language and non-verbal communication. Be ready!

Immediate feedback

Understand how you’re performing during your residency interview practice! You’ll get detailed feedback, including the amount of natural eye contact and vocabulary.

Action plan

You’ll get a customized action plan that summarizes all your scores and provides guidance on how you can improve.

Put it into practice

Once you’ve identified your weaknesses and you have a plan, it’s time to practice until you’ve mastered each and every point.

“UMM” Counter and Power Words

Using filler words such as “umm,” and “uhh” is an unconscious habit that nearly everyone has. Our AI Tool will give you a Power Word score that analyzes your language to help you convey a strong, positive, and confident tone.

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Practice Your Natural
Eye Contact

Natural eye contact is very difficult to evaluate yourself. Our Eye Contact Tracker offers objective feedback on strong and natural eye contact, one of the biggest metrics AI analyzing software looks for in an applicant.

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Practice Your Skills With Our Pace of Speech Tool

It’s very easy to speak too quickly when you are in a situation that makes you nervous–like a residency interview, for instance. Our Pace of Speech Tool will keep you on track, so you don’t deliver your answers too quickly or too slowly.

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