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Prepare Your Students for the Interview Season

Help your students get ahead of their competition this season with Big Interview’s residency interview prep for students.

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Benefits Of Using Big Interview Medical

With our residency interview prep for students, we’ll help your students get into the residency of their dreams.

Build confidence

Forget last-minute nerves, sweaty palms, and insomnia. Big Interview Medical helps students feel confident, prepared, and ready to give a solid interview.

Avoid surprises

Created by one of the top interview coaches in the US, Big Interview gives students cutting-edge information about residency interview best practices. They’ll walk in knowing exactly what to expect and how to answer every question.

Land residency

Between the learning and the practicing, Big Interview helps students become top residency candidates.

Admin Access For Your Organization

Admin access allows you to help your students prepare for residency interviews with our comprehensive knowledge base. You can give your students assignments and leave feedback as needed to ensure they stay on track for a successful match.

All-in-One Residency Interview Prep For Your Students

Our All-in-One Tool features everything your students need to succeed in their residency interviews. From a complete course on the residency interview process, to a mock interview tool that allows your students to practice interviewing in a practical way. Our Answer Builder will help them learn what questions to expect and how to answer them expertly, while AI feedback will help them improve their body language and verbal tics so their interviews are smooth and professional.

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